Dr. István Granek,

Lawyer & Organizational Engineer

My mission: to prepare and organize new factory investments, projects to the turnkey handover.


Factory internally reconstruction with technology transfer and IT system.

MEDISO Ltd. was moved into an internally reconstructed old factory building.The company can on this place to produce the newest CT-systems.The goal of this project was internally reconstruction of an old factory building and to move the equipments and to install the assembly lines, LAN, IT systems too.High complexity characterize the project. It was necessary to insure the restart of factory with very short standstill in the reconstructed building.The implemeneted assembly line is flexible – according to the all-time claim of the production. Under the span of project I represented the investor in the technical and juridical questions and  I managed the project.


  More informations about the planning.

  Contracts and agreements for this project. 

  LAN and IT systems

  The new server farm for the upgraded ERP system

  ERP (Enterprise Resource Program) system upgrade

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