Dr. István Granek,

Lawyer & Organizational Engineer

My mission: to prepare and organize new factory investments, projects to the turnkey handover.


The CARDIO C Gamma Camera developing an the X-Ring projects.

The team directed by me accomplished two projects.The first one was the CARDIO-C project. CARDIO-C is a special human medical imaging gamma camera observing the upper part of the human body especially the heart. By this gamma camera uninvasive can be observed the human heart. With them is the heart attack and other heart problems very simple diagnosable.

The second one was the X-Ring project. X-Ring is a whole body and planar imaging gamma camera. This, the by MEDISO manufactured gamma camera is used in human medical services. MEDISO Ltd looked for the MEDIAGNOST Ltd as subcontractor to manufacture X-Ring systems.The task was, to transfer the full manufacture technology and logistic from MEDISO to MEDIAGNOST. The goal of this project was, to start the mass manufacturing of the XRING by the MEDIAGNOST.


  Cardio-C med-cam. developing the prototype & the pilotserie

  X-Ring medical gamma camera project

  New Logistic System for this projects.

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